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Winston George Broadbent

Born: 28th February 1908
Died: Unknown

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

In 1935 Winston George Broadbent married Grace Edith Yeoman (1911–1939), daughter of Richard Arnold Yeoman and Edith Mary Yeoman, born Reeve. W.G. Broadbent and his wife had two children: Arnold William Broadbent and another child.

Tom said ...
Was WGB realted to ?
(who wrote The Pilgrim Church etc)
Friday, Dec 23, 2016 : 14:32
Timothy Stunt said ...
I don't think they are connected. Winston G Broadbent was probably from New Zealand as all his publications appear to have been produced in Paeroa, NZ (usually by the Eldon Press) in the 1960s and 70s. Timothy Stunt
Saturday, Dec 24, 2016 : 15:43
Timothy Stunt said ...
Further to my posting yesterday, The New Zealand Auckland Star (12 June 1930) recorded that Winston G Broadbent was admitted as a solicitor in the Supreme Court by Mr Justice Ostler on the motion of Mr J. J. Sullivan. Timothy
Saturday, Dec 24, 2016 : 20:33
Tom said ...
Thanks for clearing that up!
Friday, Dec 30, 2016 : 15:32
Marsden Broadbent said ...
Dad was born 28/2/08 so was 22 years 3 months when admitted to the bar. He used to claim that he was the youngest practicing solicitor in NZ. He also claimed a distant relationship with E H Broadbent, but it was quite distant.
Tuesday, Jul 31, 2018 : 18:10
Tom said ...
Thanks Marsden .. interesting to know there was a link to E.H.B., even if distant. I don't know if you have a suitable photo of him we could put up here?
Wednesday, Aug 1, 2018 : 13:36
Samuel said ...
"Tongues Must Cease:
The Brethren and the Charismatic Movement in New Zealand"
Christian Brethren Review 1983. Vol 34.
Available at

This valuable article contains an interesting reference to W G Broadbent. His useful pamphlet on Tongues is available for download on various internet sites. Since I can't find a facsimile pdf version of the original pamphlet, one has to be cautious lest the uploaded versions have been altered in some way.
Thursday, Aug 2, 2018 : 02:20
Terry said ...
I've been reading WG Broadbents works for about 30 years now and I still enjoy his precision in sound doctrine
Saturday, Sep 10, 2022 : 09:09

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