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William G. Irwin

Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

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Tom said ...

Wrote 2 hymns in the Believers Hymn Book .. any more info on him personally?


103 Fairer than the fairest

328 Memorable morning, first day of the week



  1. FAIRER than the fairest
       ’Mong the sons of men, 
    Moral glories proved Him
       Great beyond our ken,
    In His perfect pathway
       As on earth He trod,
    Giving perfect pleasure 
       Unto Thee, His God.
  2. Majesty surpassing
       Everything below
    Crowned Him with a glory
       More than men could know;
    Yet a lowly meekness,
       Deep, and sweet, and true, 
    Marked Him in His movements
       All His pathway through.
  3. Comeliness excelling
       In our Lord we see,
    Purest heavenly fragrance
       Flowing full and free.
    He our occupation,
       We His praises sing,
    And to Thee, His Father,
       Raise our offering.

William Irwin


  1. MEMORABLE morning, 
       First day of the week! 
    Loved ones to the garden
       Came their Lord to seek, 
    Ready to anoint Him,
       Thinking all was o’er, 
    Heavy in their mourning, 
       Full of sorrow sore.
  2. But the tomb was empty,
       Th’ stone was rolled away;
    And as they beheld it
       In perplexity,
    Two in shining garments
       Stood where He was laid, 
    Said to them affrighted,
       “Be ye not afraid”.
  3. “Why the Living seek ye
       Thus among the dead? 
    He indeed is risen
       Even as He said.”
    Then they ran rejoicing,
       Wondrous news to tell -
    That the Lord was living,
       And that all was well.
  4. Glorious resurrection!
       Past are all His woes.
    Hail the mighty Victor
       Who in triumph rose. 
    From our hearts responsive
       Joyful songs of praise 
    Unto Thee, His Father,
       Rev’rently we raise.

William Irwin

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