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William Luff

Born: 14th May 1850
Died: 1st October 1935

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Tom said ...
Poems and articles in many periodicals - see the search page.
Autobiography entitled "William Luff, An Autobiography" - I haven't got it at the moment.
Dates for him anyone?
Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 : 01:30
Tom said ...

Another fascinating article about the Hop-Picking from The Springing Well 1899.

Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 : 01:37
Timothy Stunt said ...

His life is described in The Railway Signal (August 1891) pp.153-4  From the Census records he appears to have been born in 1851 and I suspect that he didn't live long after 1891.  He was a member of Spurgeon's congregation.  The account of his life is accessible at


Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 : 03:46
Tom said ...
Thanks ..
The article I put up says he was in his 81st year in 1930?
Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 : 04:10
Michael Schneider said ...

Here are all the William Luffs I could find in the National Probate Calendar between 1931 and 1951. Was he one of these?

Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 : 05:42
Marty said ...
According to, William Luff was born on May 14, 1850. I believe he died around 1936.
Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 : 09:07
Tom said ...
Thanks Marty!
The one in Buckinghamshire from the probate records was born in 1850 so that could well be the correct death date too, but hard to confirm.
Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 : 15:21
David said ...
This comment appears in


The loving sympathy of our readers will be with our beloved brother, Mr. Wm. Luff, who was called to part with his life's partner in July 1932. For her, very far better, and for him, but a short while and a happy re-union. Our brother, although well over 80, is still active, and we may well pray for him that God will grant many more years of active service.—(Ed. G. F. Vallance)

William Luff

14th May 1850 ~ 1st Oct. 1935

Our beloved friend was called to higher service on October 1st, 1935
Thursday, Oct 3, 2019 : 19:13
David said ...
Does anyone know if he has any connection with Ernest Luff of Frinton-on-Sea - Pilgrim Preacher, Founder of Frinton Gospel Hall and Ernest Luff Homes?
Thursday, Oct 3, 2019 : 19:16
Tom Wyatt (T.W.) said ...
I have a First Editon copy of William Luff's autobiography, published in 1930, by G.F. Vallance. It is simply entitled "William Luff An Autobiography."
He was 80 years of age on May 14th, 1930; he wrote a celebratory poem on that day, "Twice Forty Years." He was born at 7.00 pm on May 14th, 1850 at 49 Theobald's Road, Bedford Row, London.
The book contains a number of his poems, some "photographs," in-depth details of his service for the Lord, and the various "Missions" etc. with which he was identified.
I have only had the book in my possession for a couple of days, but a cursory glance throughout its pages failed to reveal any connection with "Brethren." I am somewhat disappointed as Arnold D. Ehlert lists him in his invaluable work, "Brethren Writers-AHandbook For The Serious Collector." Baker Book House 1994.
Tuesday, Apr 26, 2022 : 06:56

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