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  • Believers Hymn Book Authors - Information Requested

    Here are some more authors of hymns in the BHB of whom more information is desired:


    J. J. Young


    This author has given us five excellent hymns.  There is much of the heart in each one, sweet thoughts directing our affections to the Lord Jesus.


    20 Altogether lovely, Jesus Lord art Thou

    96 Drawing near in full assurance

    435 O precious heavenly Bridegroom

    471 Our grateful hearts would raise

    473 Our hearts are full, O Father




    H. Hannaford


    We would love to have more information on this brother or sister.  The hymn opens and closes with the thought of our meditations, perhaps focused on the Lord's Day breaking of bread.  "My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD." (Psalms 104:34)


    60 Blessed God, we meditate



    1. Blessèd God, we meditate 
         On Thy Son in low estate, 
      Glory seeking not, nor fame, 
         Moving to a Cross of shame.
    2. Perfect Man to Thee, His God, 
         Beautiful the path He trod! 
      His delight to do Thy will, 
         And the Scriptures to fulfil!
    3. Pleasing not Himself on earth, 
         Manifesting rarest worth, 
      Ever doing nought but good, 
         All Thy will His pleasant food!
    4. Clothed with meekness and with might, 
         Turning not to left or right.
      Thus the One Whom Thou did’st send 
         Journeyed onward to the end.
    5. Thee, O Blessèd God, we praise, 
         Meditating on His ways
      In the perfect path He trod, 
         Glorifying Thee, His God.

    H. Hannaford





    George Perfect


    No information is found regarding Brother Perfect.  But he has created a wonderful hymn nonetheless.  It leads us to gaze at Calvary, all that Savior did there.  It is paired with a beautiful, reflective tune, "Summerland".


    277 Jesus was slain for me, at Calvary


    >> Redemption Hymnal


    1. JESUS was slain for me, 
         At Calvary.
      Crownèd with thorns was He,
         At Calvary.
      There He in anguish died,
      There from His opened side,
      Poured forth the crimson tide,
         At Calvary.
    2. Pardoned is all my sin, 
         At Calvary.
      Cleansed is my heart within, 
         At Calvary.
      Now robes of praise I wear,
      Gone are my grief and care,
      Christ bore my burdens there, 
         At Calvary.
    3. Wondrous His love for me, 
         At Calvary.
      Glorious His victory, 
         At Calvary.
      Vanquished are death and hell,
      Oh, let His praises swell,
      Ever my tongue shall tell, 
         Of Calvary.

    George Perfect




    H. Maull


    This author is unknown to us.  He or she appear to be meditating on Philippians 2:5-11, which is a wonderful preoccupation - "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:  And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."


    187 How great, our Father, was Thy love


    1. HOW great, our Father, was Thy love,
         How wonderful Thy grace,
      In sending forth Thy Well-beloved,
         To save our ruined race!
    2. As being in the form of God,
         Eternally the same,
      With Thee, the Father, He, the Son,
         Equality could claim.
    3. But, Thy blest counsels to fulfil,
         He left His glorious throne;
      And made Himself of no repute,
         A servant’s form to own.
    4. Thus found in fashion as a man,
         All blameless, spotless, pure,
      He was obedient unto death,
         Sin’s judgment to endure.
    5. To Him, above all heavens, dost Thou
         His rightful place accord,
      That every knee to Him should bow,
         Each tongue confess Him Lord.
    6. Soon, thro’ those opened heavens again,
         The Saviour will appear;
      With Him in highest glory then,
         Our praises Thou wilt hear.

    H. Maull




    George Murray


    George Murray contributed two well written hymns to this collection.   Precious themes of the coming of the Lord - "He is coming! how this gladdens" -  and the joyful anticipation of the Lord's Day morning in His presence - "The day returns, into His Name".  


    164 He is coming! how this gladdens

    559 The day returns, into His Name


    1. HE is coming! how this gladdens
         Days of darkness in this vale, 
      With so much that tries and saddens, 
         Causing faith and hope to fail.
    2. He is coming! word unfailing!
         All the pains and tears will cease; 
      No more weeping, no more wailing, 
         Nought but joy and calm and peace!
    3. He is coming! we are hasting 
         To our place prepared above, 
      All His goodness here foretasting, 
         All His fulness, all His love.
    4. He is coming! long benighted,
         Soon we’ll hear the wakening cry, 
      And, with loved ones reunited, 
         Reach, at last, our home on high.
    5. He is coming! sweet the keeping
         Of the feast until He come,
      When, with those through Jesus sleeping, 
         We shall see Himself, at home.
    6. He is coming! O the glory
         To be with Him where He is,
      And to tell the wondrous story 
         Through the countless years of bliss!

    George Murray

    1. THE day returns, into His Name,
         O God, we gather thus
      To give to Thee through Him Who came 
         To make Thee known to us.
    2. His glories great, His matchless worth,
         In all His path we trace,
      His life recall, His death tell forth 
         And praise His love and grace.
    3. Sweet are the accents to Thine ear
         That praise that Worthy One 
      Whom we remember, gathered here, 
         Thy well-belovèd Son.
    4. The loaf and cup before us spread
         The precious truths declare, 
      His body giv’n, His blood thus shed, 
         His grace beyond compare.
    5. With such sweet symbols of His love
         Laid thus before our gaze,
      Our hearts we lift to Thee above 
         In sacrifice of praise.


    George Murray




    Joseph Fotheringham


    Brother Fotheringham is associated with the Assemblies of the Lord's people.  We have no other information.  His hymn lifts the spirit to behold the magnificence of the Lord Jesus, the glories of the godhead that shine forth from Him.  


    396 O God of everlasting days



    1. O GOD of everlasting days,
         Through Jesus Christ our Lord, 
      In His own Name we gladly raise 
         Our praise with one accord.
    2. We magnify His Name Who shared 
         Thy glory in the past,
      And marvel at His grace Who cared
         His lot with man to cast.
    3. Through Him were made the heavens and earth,
         And yet, in lowliness,
      He graced a manger at His birth
         Thy glory to express.
    4. In meekness and obedience through
         His youth’s obscurity,
      He in Thy holy favour grew,
         In perfect purity.
    5. And when the Adversary sought
         To reach His heart within
      That life to mar, in Him was nought 
         That could respond to sin.
    6. We thank Thee for the path He trod,
         For every kindness shown,
      The way He moved for Thee, His God, 
         And made Thy glory known.

    Joseph Fotheringham



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