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For listing of books or other material 'for-sale', or 'wants' looking out for.

  • General Books (Scans) Wanted List

    Hymns of Adoration and Worship

    Published by Holness around 1890 (from this advert).

    The only reference I can find to it is in The History of the Little Flock Hymn Book by Frank Wallace;

    The compiler of Hymns of Adoration and Worship justly says,

    “True hymns cannot be manufactured; and if it be no light thing to write a true hymn, it is a very rare occurrence when a second hand can re-model or patch one up.” 22

  • Gospel Choruses for Young and Old - A.P. Gibbs -

    The London Hymn Book for Prayer Meetings and Special Services - CRH -

    The Enlarged London Hymn Book - CRH -

  • Great Hymns and Their Stories (PB) W J Limmer Sheppard

    Hymns of Worship and Rememberance
    Choice Gospel Songs - 
    Published By GOSPEL PERPETUATING FUND Fort Dodge, Iowa
    Choice Campaign Songs - ""
    Choice Hymns of the Faith - ""
    "Songs of Faith, Hope and Cheer," by Thomas Somerville,
    Above 5 advertised in Letters of Interest.1952

    Sketches of Christian Work among the Edward Leach

  • Here are a number of pages out of the backs of periodicals that somebody sent me; they list many interesting books and pamphlets which we don't have yet.


  • Hymns of Worship and Remembrance is not hard to obtain in the US, neither is Choice Hymns of the Faith. Did you get them yet?

  • I also have most of those books by C. A. Coates. Could scan them for you if you need them. 

  • Hi Joel .. I don't have any of those scans. If you are able to do any of them I will turn them into nice pdfs if you send me the images.

    best, Tom

  • There is a seller on ebay at the moment based in the US who has quite a few items that might be of interest to some;

    For example here is a volume of The Sower we don't have. Also has some of Lught and Liberty among others.