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  • Brethren Meetings in Malvern Wells in Worcestershire

    Does anyone know any more information about a Brethren meeting in Malvern Wells advertised from the 1870s?  From 1893 a Mr Woodward hired a local hall in Upper Welland to use as a Gospel Hall and this continued until some point during the Great War.  Any information would be very helpful in telling the story of the Brethren in this part of Worcestershire. Thanks

  • Have we any idea of Mr Woodward's first name?

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  • Hi, I have some 11 references to Malvern Wells in my files of the magazine The Witness, as well quite a number of mentions too to a Mr. Woordward in that area. One of the reports has the initials F. W. Woordwar in September 1911 (Intelligence from many lands 132) Welland, Malvern Wells. 

    There is also the obituary of Anna Woodcock, 4 October 1910 in Malvern Wells, (The Witness November 1910; Intelligence from many lands 183). It is described as a writer of poetry.

    I do not know if you may find this interesting, just if you wish more particulars, let me know it. I have information on all the UK and Irish counties


  • In that case, I suggest that was Frederick Woodason Woodward (1846-1914). On the night of the 1911 census he was visiting Henry Addenbrook Wassell at his home at Addenbrook Villa, Oldswinford, Stourbridge, Worcestershgire and was described as an "Evangelist or Minister".  He died on 5 Sep 1914 at Upper Welland, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire.

    In the 1881, 1891, and 1901 censuses he was living in Hadlow, Kent and was described as a "Minister (at Mission Room)", "Minister of the Gospel, Undenominational" (and had a visitor, his first cousin, the missionary William Macdonald who was described the same), and "Minister, Travelling Evangelist Unsectarian".

    For William Macdonald, see Echoes of Service, 1911 (p119) in an article entitled 'William McDonald (sic) of Penang' and Turning the World Upside Down Upperton Press 1972.