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  • Cliff Barrows carried a Believers Hymnbook in his coat pocket

    A member of Facebook, Alan Parks of Bastrop, Texas, reported in a FB post in Dec 2023, in response to a question, that the late Billy Graham's song-leader in his crusades, the late Cliff Barrows, carried a copy of the Believers Hymnbook in his coat pocket. Here is what he wrote: "Don't mean to name drop, but I saw Cliff Barrows' BHB and held it. It was at an NRB [National Religious Broadcasters] convention years ago, and I was there to promote [my] 'Hymns I Grew Up With.' Mr. B came up to the table, we shook hands, and he held up that LP [long-play record] that had the BHB on the front cover, and said, 'Tell me about this hymn book.' So, I did, at length. After a while, he broke out in a huge grin and pulled his little BHB out of his coat pocket. He said that it was his favorite colletion of 'worship poetry,' as he didn't know the tunes. He said that he was thrilled to get that album, as at least he'd know ten of the tunes now. Later he sent me a lovely letter. So it's a true story that you heard."