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  • David Wardlaw Scott

    This item is an interesting read - “Come over and help us.” A short statement relative to the Lord's Work among some of the poor of Twig Folly, Bethnal Green -  and seems to give the impression the work was done along Brethren lines at least .. though I've no idea if he was really consdiered among Brethren or not?

    On page 17 describes a meeting for the Breaking of Bread, page 20 references a report of George Muller's work, and also page 25, a reference to the Missionary Reporter, wherein his work seems to have been included.

    D.W.S. is also mentioned in "The Believer's Pathway (New Series) 13 (1904)" and possibly "Memorials of John Eliot Howard of Lord's Meade, Tottenham" (see search page) .. he seems to be most well known now for his book written supporting a Flat Earth.