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  • Development of TW- Brethren

    Does anyone know anything about the development of the so-called TW brethren who rejected reunion with so-called KLC? How strongly are they represented today in Europe, North America or the rest of the world? Is there more than one closed branch of them? From the little information that can be found online, it seems like they had a loss to the open brethren similar to KLC in the 90s. 

    But it seems that there have been divisions later as well, resulting in similar branches today. But it's hard to figure out whether these branches are rather open or rather follow the old paths...

  • ...resulting in similar different branches today... (that´s what I meant)

  • As of 10 years ago there were 3 different groups in the UK, all with just a handful of meetings at most. One group I think was Bournemouth / Bromley, which I visited once. Another group had a meeting in Sheffield, whom most of those have recently been attending the conference of the KLC Brethren at Yarnfield. I can't remember details of the third group or know whether they continue now. In America they are quite large with 100-200 meetings I think - with BTP being their primary bookseller. I think the first UK group I mentioned would be in fellowship with this main body from the USA, but somebody can correct me if im mistaken there.