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  • Evangelist George Fenn of Norfolk

    Is anyone able to provide me with information about the open brother George Fenn, a travelling evangelist from Norfolk, England?

    He had been travelling with a model of the tabernacle in the 1930s and 1940s. On this photo, taken during a gathering of evangelists and Bible teachers at Plas-Menai, Llanfairfechan, Wales, UK in 1950, he is the 1st from left in the back row. He could be in his late forties then, which matches a George Fenn from Norfolk (1903-1984) whom I found on ancestry.

  • George Fenn was notable for using his model of the tabernacle in evangelistic outreach. The late David W Gooding, later Professor Gooding of Belfast said that it was through hearing George Fenn's tabernacle ministry/evangelism that he became impressed with the importance of the Tabernacle, and in due course he did much tabernacle ministry himself with a very prestigious model. He also wrote a small book on Teaching the Tabernacle to Children. George Fenn's son Ray Fenn was a missionary in Latin America and began in his later life to visit Romania after the end of Communism there. He was very exercised about deficiencies of accuracy in the main Romanian Bible Translation. Unfortunately he became terminally ill before being able to accomplish much of this work. Ray's two sons, John and Mark survive him and continue to support Christian work.

  • George Fenn may be somewhat poorly known because for his conscientious concerns about the incompatiblity  of the New Testament model of evangelistic outreach and the organisational profile of evangelists becoming more involved with committees and para church bodies in the XX century. This meant he held himself aloof from the "Counties" organisation which many had thought he ought to have joined, and instead adhered  to being dependent alone on the Lord and such local assemblies as were exercised to support him. 

  • Ray Fenn was a missionaty in Uruguay for many years, and was a great communicator - I remember when he was on "furlough" spending some time at Duke Street Gospel Hall (as it was then) in Northampton in the late 1970's and / or the early 1980's.




  • Thank you, Samuel and Steve, that is very helpful.

  • Jill Fenn is likely related (she is the widow of Ray Fenn) and is still in Fellowship in Marine Hall, Eastbourne.