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  • T. H. Coulles 1880 Lisbon Portugal, could you help?


    I'm doing a PhD research regarding the implantion of the Brethren in Portugal, circa 1870's and going forward. In the References Book of 1880 (Foreign References - Page 21) of the Exclusive Section, amongst others, one T. H. Coulles is mentioned. I can't seem to be finding any information about this individual. Any ideas? Thank you in advance

  • There is a Thomas Henry Coulles, 1845-1915, who married Sarah Ann Northmore and had 8 children. Four of them were born in Lisbon, Portugal between 1877-1883.

  • Thank you Marty, it certaintly fits my frame of the events for Lisbon. It should be them. Did you find that in any database? 

    I could not locate anything else on Thomas Henry or T. H. Coulles.