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  • Views of Baptism in the TW Fellowship

    I was surprised to find out a few years ago that TW brethren 'officially' hold to 'Household Baptism' - though I was also told it is about 50/50 who actually practice this in their fellowship. I'd be interested to know, how this developed - as I'd assumed most who went with Bexhill in1890 would have been aganst the 'Household Baptism' view .. so was this something they (TWs) all practiced from the start, or has it been encrouaged over time? Also is the reason just to be seen as the adherents of JND, or was there something else?

  • A few years ago in my exercise to translate 400 of John Nelson Darby 's letters from French into English one of them I put on my website:

    Pourquoi je ne Pourrais être Baptiste. – Baptême des Croyants – Baptême des Enfants – Baptême des Familles – la Maison et l’Assemblée

    Translated as

    in it, he used that evocative phrase for unbaptised children = petits païens - little pagans! 

    Have a read of it.


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  • I am assuming most of the Brethren were Baptist in their view of

    Did they also insist on immersion as the only proper mode of baptism?

  • About 20 years ago (maybe more) a whole lot of TW's moved from TW's to the Renton's, mainly in Aberdeen ID and Denton TX.  Paul Johnson, Doug Welch and Harold Klassen were leaders.   It seems that they were happy about household baptism.



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  • @Daniel Roberts - Paul Johnson was my grandfather.  Grew up TW and was baptized in my home; so were all my siblings and cousins.  


    David Johnson