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  • Doctrine of the second coming of the Lord 1827

    In the number July 1 of the Bible Treasury 1857 there is an article (written in the style of a letter) beginning as follows: "It is thirty years ago and more since I first saw the doctrine of the second coming of the Lord. I saw it as the only solution of a thousand and one difficulties which man's mind had created, by attempting to limit the predictions about a glorified Messiah down to the range and circumstances of earth, while in man's hand and responsibility. It threw heavenly hopes and promises open, and also gave consistency to God's past and future dealings with the earth."

    "Thirty years ago and more" (counted from July 1st 1857) leads to spring or summer 1827 (or earlier). As this article was not signed in the first edition of The Bible Treasury it was thought that it must have been written by J. N. Darby. But the second edition of The Bible Treasury (1868) gives "W." as author.

    Has anybody information as to the personality of "W."? Was it "Wigram"?

    Thanks for any new insight!
    Martin Arhelger, Germany