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  • Who is F.G. ?

    Hallo, I have tried to find out who F.G is.  For example, The Christian Witness magazine April 1837 Volume 4, Title: "Edom".  He signs this article only as F.G. and I wonder if anyone has any information please.  I will appreciate this, thank you.

  • The articles on 'Babylon' and 'Edom'  by F.G. [of Tottenham] in the Christian Witness [1836, 1837 were almost certainly written by  Samuel Prideaux Tregelles.  I have given my reasons for this conclusion in my biography, The Life and Times of Samuel Prideaux Tregelles: A Forgotten Scholar (Cham, CH: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) pp.24-26.  Timothy C.F. Stunt

  • Hallo Timothy, I will look into that.  Thank you for your response.  However any chance of a brief summary as to why Tragelles would do such a thing?  It does seem odd.

  • It's all connected with the circumstances of tregelles' evangelical conversion.  If you feel free to let me have your e-mail address I can send you details. My address is