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[Two Bound Tracts] What are "The Brethren" & To The Saints of God who Meet for Worship Simply as Saints and in the Name of the Lord Jesus

by G.V. Wigram

Tom said ...
The second tract is incomplete. I'm told GVW is author (of both?) unless anyone knows different?
Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 : 14:10
Timothy Stunt said ...
The reference to the author first meeting 'some such' in Geneva in 1824 makes the Wigram attribution likely for the first tract, as he met with the Bourg-de-Four assembly in Geneva just after his conversion in that year. I always thought the first one dated from around 1840 but I now notice that neither of these titles is included in the printed (1847) Catalogue of Gospel Tracts and other works sold by John K Campbell at Warwick Square, but both tracts are among the many titles that were added in manuscript to the copy of the catalogue held by the British Library. In that copy the second tract is said to be 'by X' which is probably how the author signed off in the last page that is missing in your copy. The person who annotated and added titles to the BL copy of the catalogue sometimes indicated the name of the author when he knew it, but with these two tracts he evidently wasn't aware of the author's identity. Timothy Stunt
Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 : 22:42
Tom said ...
Thanks .. There seem to be a number of comments similar to this quote in the first tract, "As one who has met with them, it may be in twenty or more places, and attentively watched their proceedings," .. which to me suggest an observer, rather than someone who was at the heart of the movement?
For the second tract, I've been given the following reference which supports the Wigram authorship, "It so happens that I have a book of bound-together pamphlets from last century that contains this very paper. Penciled on the first page of my copy is the name 'Wigram'" (R. A. Huebner: John Nelson Darby: Precious Truths Revived and Defended Volume One, Revival of Truth 1826-1845, Second edition, augmented 2004, page 89.)
Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017 : 18:50
Lance said ...
Lance,Interesting, but the style of the first is not vintage Wigram - but the second certainly is?
Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017 : 20:57

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