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The Year 1866

Darbyite Discipline, or a Buoy fixed by a Friendly Hand on a Sunken Rock

Samuel said ...
I take it that A.S. is Alexander Stewart. Is G a Mr Gilpin? C.S. is of course Charles Stanley.

Is this pamphlet referenced on the last page, entitled,"A Letter relating to the recent Excommunication of Assemblies, and the ways of the Brethren in regard to Discipline, &c."-S. W. Spurr, 114 West-street, Sheffield. extant anywhere? It is often quoted in older works of Brethren History. But it seems very scarce if indeed it still survives anywhere.
Tuesday, Feb 14, 2023 : 03:59
C Gribben said ...
I've seen something similar (I think in the CBA) but under this title:

Christian obedience not ‘ecclesiastical independency’. Letters of J. N. Darby & Mr B. Ellis relating to the refusal of Sheffield brethren to recognise a certain course of ecclesiastical discipline enacted in London, with replies on behalf of Sheffield brethren (Sheffield: S. W. Spurr, 1866).
Saturday, Feb 25, 2023 : 03:09

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