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Accusers of the Brethren

by William Reid

Tom said ...
A good piece though he twice repudiates that Brethren hold "the denial that by the
obedience of Christ believers are constituted righteous". I thought Brethren always did deny that, and instead held 'constituted righteous' was solely by the work of the Cross.
Thursday, Mar 19, 2020 : 16:52
CG said ...
But he's being quite careful in the way he says that, isn't he? He is doing no more than quoting Romans 5:19, without explaining *how* we are constituted righteous by the obedience of Christ. As a Presbyterian, he would have wanted to refer to the imputation of Christ's righteousness, but he doesn't, and only to "the imputing of righteousness in justification" (p. 20) - but whose? Great pamphlet, by the way.
Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020 : 22:38

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