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Tom said ...

From Noel

In 1860, Mr. Alexander Stewart (kindly remember that more than one A. Stewart was conspicuous during the last half of the 19th century), an exclusive brother, was ex communicated by 57 Park Street, London ; and, after oppos ing and ignoring this decision of London the WalworthPeckham meeting was disowned. Then Mr. Goodall having gone from the disowned meeting to Sheffield, and been re ceived there; after unavailing remonstrance from the meet ing at Eotherham, and from others elsewhere, Sheffield was no longer recognized as in fellowship, for this new line of things could not be tolerated.

Would be good to get this pamphlet too: "Letters Relating to the Recent Excommunication of Assemblies"

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020 : 17:48

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