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January 1891


by E. L. Bevir

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Dear brethren

Further to the withdrawal of my signature from the ‘Circular Letter’, I would add that I sincerely regret and repent of having signed it. The more I examine it, the more I see that it is unjust, as it cites many passages of Mr Raven’s letters out of context, something that should never be done. These shortened quotations give, in the majority of cases, a false interpretation of the author’s thoughts – the summary of this letter, on page 22, is particularly false.

I would strongly recommend my brethren not to be hasty in pronouncing on this sad matter. I myself believed for a long time that there were blasphemies and heresies amongst us, and it was therefore our duty to purify ourselves of these. But, having seriously examined the matter, I am quite satisfied that such a charge is completely groundless.

It is indeed regrettable that all sorts of false accusations are being circulated amongst Christians; this is to the detriment of the Lord’s glory and of His dear sheep, and those who do so assume a grave responsibility. In our times, it is of first importance to verify everything before pronouncing on a matter.

There is a place for prayer and deep humiliation, but not for division.

Yours affectionately in Christ

E.L. Bevir

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