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15th February 1910

Copy of a Handwritten Letter

by W. H. S. Fosbery

3 pages.

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Michael Schneider said ...

William Hubert Sale Fosbery (b. 1867 Calcutta; d. 13 Dec 1938 Tilehurst, Berkshire) was a first cousin once removed of George Vincent Fosbery (1832–1907), the son-in-law of Percy Francis Hall and inventor of the Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver. I'm not aware that G.V. Fosbery was a Plymouth Brother, so I'd like to know more about the connection between the Fosbery family and the Brethren!

W.H.S. Fosbery was a doctor. Noel writes the following about his involvement in the Tunbridge Wells controversy (p. 645f.):

Continental brothers had a meeting with the London brothers who go with T[unbridge] W[ells], in Rossmore Hall, at which Dr. W.H.S. Fosbery gave a sketch of the course of events, and added that "the separation had caused him personally much exercise, and he believed that the assembly in T.W. had committed faults in the years 1905 and 1907, in that they had not come to a definite decision as to Mr. C[harles] S[trange]. But he would not say, 'It is the fault of T.W.,' but: 'it is our fault: we have sinned.' … The ground taken for the decision of T.W., viz., that Mr. C.S. had left the Lord's table, because he had no longer broken bread in T.W., had been a difficulty to him also: but an old brother had solved it for him by saying to him: 'If a person leaves the Lord's table in one place, he leaves it everywhere.'"

W.H.S. Fosbery was married to Norah Mary née Close (1871–1957). They had at least five children:

  1. William Noel Champayne Fosbery (1899–1970), unmarried
  2. Hubert Reinerus Fosbery (1902–1969), married Sybil Vera Pursglove Ford (1908–1968)
  3. Esther Norah Pigott Fosbery (1904–1982), married George Halhed Sneyd Kellie (1893–1964)
  4. Francis Henry Close Fosbery (1906–1942)
  5. Walter Barry Fosbery (1908–1909)
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