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The Year 1908

Hear the Right: Plain Facts Regarding Alnwick and Glanton

by W.T.P. Wolston

Mr Wolston's pamphlet concerning the Glanton division
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Licheng said ...
May I have a login account in your website?
I hope to download a copy of
"Hear the Right: Plain Facts Regarding Alnwick and Glanton"
by W.T.P. Wolston
Saturday, Jan 14, 2017 : 17:07
Tom said ...
Of course, but can you follow the instructions on the reg page, or if you just want this, send me an email and I can forward it to you.
Monday, Jan 16, 2017 : 22:44
Mary said ...
Is it possible to get a print copy of "Hear the Right"

We are also looking for a copy of the original "little Flock Hymn book" whose editor was G V Wigram.

With thanks
Mary Wyllie
Wednesday, Apr 19, 2017 : 02:55
Tom said ...
Hi Mary,
"Hear the Right" does come up occasionally; best option would be put a saved search on ebay, and on abe books, and also register for the Chapter Two second hand catalouge which comes out every quarter / semi annually. Same for the hymn book - I assume you mean the 1856 Hymns for the Little Flock; this is somewhat more common and you shouldn't have to wait to long to find one at a reasonable price.
best, Tom
Thursday, Apr 20, 2017 : 12:53

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