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"I Can Go In With Them."

I HAVE read, said Mr. Spurgeon, of one who dreamed a dream, when in great distress of mind about religion.  He thought he stood in the outer court of Heaven, and he saw a glorious host marching up, singing sweet hymns, and bearing the banners of victory.  They passed by him through the gate, and he heard in the distance, sweet strains of music.
"Who are they?" he asked an angel. 
 "They are the goodly fellowship of the Prophets, who have gone to be with God."  
He heaved a deep sigh, as he said, "Alas! I am not one of them, and never shall be, and I cannot enter there."  
By-and-by, there came another band, equally lovely in appearance, and equally triumphant, robed in white.  They passed within the portals, and again were shouts of welcome heard.  "Who are they?" he asked again.  
"They are the goodly fellowship of the Apostles."   
"Alas! he said, "I belong not to that fellowship, and I cannot enter there."  
He still waited and lingered in the hope that he might yet go in; but the next multitude did not encourage him, for they were the noble army of Martyrs.  He could not go with them, nor wave their palm branches.  He waited still, and saw a company of godly Ministers and officers of Christian churches, but he felt he could not go in with them.
At last, he saw a larger host than all the rest put together, marching and singing most melodiously, and in front walked the woman that was a sinner, and the thief that died upon the cross, hard by the Saviour.  He looked long, and saw there such as Manasseh, and the like; and when they entered, he could see who they were, and he thought, "There will be no shouting about them."  
But to his astonishment, it seemed as if all Heaven was rent with sevenfold shouts as they passed in.  And the angel said to him, "These are they that are MIGHTY SINNERS, SAVED BY MIGHTY GRACE."  
And then he said, "Blessed be God! I can go in with them."  And so he awoke.  
Will you enter the portals as "a sinner saved by grace"?


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