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Number: 2 - Twelve Persons Series (P&I)

Twelve Mighty Missionaries

by E.E. Enock

Timothy Stunt said ...

Can anyone give me information concerning Esther Ethelin Enock [1874-1947] author of Christian-themed children's fiction and missionary biography? The account of Frederick Stanley Arnot in the first edition [1918] of Chief Men among the Brethren was written by Henry Pickering but in the second edition (1931) he entrusted the task to E.E.E. In the 1881 census her father Arthur (living in King's Norton, Worcs.) is described as 'Manager for Brazilian Merchant'. Her younger sister Dorothea Enock may have been the 'Dora Enock' who wrote a strangely titled book (Druggers All) published by John Ritchie (1938). Charles Reginald Enock, author of books on Mexico (1909) and Peru (1925), was probably her elder brother. Any information about her Christian associations is welcome! Timothy Stunt

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2020 : 01:53
Marty said ...
I can find nothing on her life, but here is a family history:
Esther (Esthme) Ethelind Enock
Date of birth: Saturday, 13th June, 1874.
Birthplace: Edgbaston, Birmingham, England.
Date of death: Thursday, 5th June 1947, age 72.
Place of death: 106 The Point, Exmouth, Devon, England (aged 72 years).
Father: Arthur Henry Enock - 2nd May 1839 ~ 29th January 1917, age 77.
Birthplace: Pyle, Glamorgan, Wales. Place of death: Stoke Newington, London.
Buried: Friends Burial Ground, Yoakley Road, Stoke Newington, London.
Mother: Lavinia Georgina Enock (nee Hollis) (1841-1899).
Arthur Frederick Enock (1865-1866)
Donald Enock (1867-1927?)
Charles Reginald Enock (1868-1970)
Arthur Guy Enock (1870-1956)
Eric Cuthbert Enock (1872-1952)
Dorothea Amy Enock (1877-1959)
John Kemp Enock (1878-1957)
Christine Lavinia Enock (1881-1957)
Wednesday, Sep 9, 2020 : 02:57

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