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The Middling Man

Samuel said ...
I wonder if the other tracts listed on the back cover still exist anywhere. It would be nice to see some of the interesting titles, e.g. "The Use of Wine at the Lord's Supper"
Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017 : 19:26
Tom said ...
Some of them can be found here;
but not the one you mention; I imagine some of our American friends would still have them.
Thursday, Dec 7, 2017 : 22:03
Rodger said ...
I think I have seen that one somewhere online... Perhaps it is this?

There is also an article in the BT on the use of wine:
Friday, Dec 8, 2017 : 20:10
Tom said ...
Thanks Rodger .. agree it would seem highly likely the tract was at least adapted from that, if not it exactly.
Saturday, Dec 9, 2017 : 19:52

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