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circa 1860

Twenty plain Questions to Believers, etc

Tom said ...

Edward Dennett commented on this tract in The Law of Christian Liberality: a sermon, preached ... in Lewisham Road Chapel, March 8th, 1863;

"Hindrances are found, likewise, in the Church. Some little time ago, a friend kindly placed a tract in my hand, entitled : “Twenty Plain Questions to Believers.” On looking through it, I found that it was addressed especially to Christians in dissenting Churches. Nineteen out of these twenty questions were the weakest imaginable—such, indeed, as might be imagined proceeding from a sect which, with some few excellent qualities, combines others of a most unpleasant kind, viz.: great spiritual pride, fervent zeal in proselytizing, and an incessant railing against all who dare to hold opinions which are not in its creeds. But, there was one question which could not so easily be disposed of, and that concerned our modes of raising money .. "

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