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Look, Look, Ye Saints, Within The Veil

1 LOOK, look, ye saints, within the veil,
And raise your happy song;
Your joys can never, never fail,
For you to Christ belong.

2 O happy saints, for ever freed
From guilt and every care,
Dwell, dwell, with your exalted Head,
And let your life be there,

3 And glory in your Lord and God;
See, see Him as He is;
Your robes are spotless through His blood,
Your happiness is His.

4 O think not of this world of woe,
Though subject still to grief;
But seek your portion there to know,
For this will give relief.

5 Aye trust, for ever trust in God,
For every promise given;
And dwell with Him through Jesus' blood,

Within the veil of heaven.

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