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Spiritual Songs 1978 - Sung Recordings

A collection of sung hymns from the hymn book, recorded at various conferences and other places.

Would be good over time to complete this collection for each hymn, and also to have recordings of traditional tunes that are used in different places rather than just the one in the book!

Texts taken with permission from Stem Publishing website.

List of Tunes

Mackie said ...
Hi Tom,
Thanks very much for posting these wonderful hymns. I noticed that you've added many more recently, as promised.
May God continue to richly bless you!
Monday, Oct 23, 2017 : 15:09
Colin Forde said ...
do you mind if I download some of your hymns
Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018 : 08:10
Tom said ...
Hi Colin, yes you are most welcome to ..
Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018 : 07:03
Mackie said ...
Hey Tom & Colin,
I'm waiting to hear hymn #404. Thanks!
Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018 : 12:30
Tom said ...
Hi Mackie,
I don't have that one at present, though a few more have been recorded by others since I got the collection, so I'll see if that is one of them, and try to add some more of the missing ones too.
Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018 : 23:17
Mackie said ...
No problem, Tom - thanks!
Friday, Apr 20, 2018 : 22:27
Tom said ...
I do actually have 404 now .. i'll try add it soon!
Saturday, Apr 21, 2018 : 04:02
Eric said ...
does anyone out there know of the Hespeler, Ontario Brethren? I was born into this little gathering run by my Uncles the Pilkingtons, one of which was married into the Hayhoes of Toronto.
Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 : 05:08
Tom said ...
Hi Eric, I'm assuming those were 'Tunbridge Wells Brethren'? .. I'm not overly familiar with them, though I'm sure we have some users from that company.
Friday, Jun 15, 2018 : 23:19
Mackie said ...
Hi Tom,
I see you've added many more hymns. Thank you so much!
May God continue to richly bless you!
Friday, Jun 29, 2018 : 09:34
Mackie said ...
Hi Tom,
Do you have hymn #438? Would really love to hear it. Thanks!
Monday, Oct 8, 2018 : 09:12
Tom said ...
Have added that one Mackie :)
Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018 : 18:31
Mackie said ...
Great! Thank you very much, Tom!!!
Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018 : 10:14
DG said ...
A new android app entitled "Hymns for the Little Flock" (1881) by Basement Studios has appeared on the Google Play store.
Thursday, Feb 14, 2019 : 05:13
Tom said ...
I believe this one has been around a couple years. I think it is done by a US TW brother.
Friday, Feb 15, 2019 : 07:16
DG said ...
App appears to have undergone a major upgrade in just mid Feb/19.
Saturday, Feb 16, 2019 : 20:49
Prakash Gazmere said ...
Dearly beloved Saints in the Lord,

I would like to convey my thankfulness and appreciation for uploading these spiritual songs in this website. It is indeed great help for me learn singing. The beloved saints who did this did really great job for His glory. Could you pease let me know some one who did this ?
I'm from a small country called Bhutan which located among the countries (Nepal, India and China) I came know personally the Savior and Lord Jesus in August 29 1992 in Bhutanese refugee camp Nepal where I spent my life with my beloved family for more than 18 years. There I served the Lord for 18 years. I had been relocated in USA in Concord
City New Hampshire on July 7, 2008. Right now I'm living with my beloved family in Akron Ohio attending the meetings in Akron Christian Assembly, Akron Ohio USA. The grace of our merciful God the Father and Lord Jesus be with you all.

Thank you

Prakash Gazmere
Monday, Aug 19, 2019 : 22:36
Tom said ...
Hi Prakash, I don't know if you will see this now but thank you for your comment! Actually we met at Grove City in 2013, and I think in the days before that I also visited you and some others up in Concord with brother Bob :) Hope you are doing well!
Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019 : 02:14
Deewan said ...
Dear bretheren!
Looking for this long time ago. I finally got into it. Such a blessed work. Thankful to the Lord and savior for those bretheren who has done this wonderful job.
I have cds of our hymns but missed it.
Thank you again!
In His love
High Point, NC
Saturday, Jan 4, 2020 : 05:21
Santosh said ...
Thank you for your great work in kingdom of heaven may God bless you keep doing we will pray for your hard work
Friday, Jan 17, 2020 : 02:45
Yvnne Tadros said ...
Do you have the song When peace , like a river , attendeth my soul please send it to me
Thursday, May 21, 2020 : 06:41
X said ...
There are many beautiful renditions of this song on the internet. Just Google, "It is well with my soul"
Sunday, May 24, 2020 : 03:11

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