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Thy Love We Own, Lord Jesus

by W. Yerbury (d. 1863)

Tune: Cyprus Iambic

1 THY love we own, Lord Jesus,
In service unremitting;
Within the veil Thou dost prevail,
Each soul for worship fitting:
Encompassed here with failure,
Each earthly refuge fails us;
Without, within, at war with sin,
Thy name alone avails us.

2 Thy love we own, Lord Jesus,
For though Thy toils are ended,
Thy tender heart doth take its part
With those Thy grace befriended;
Thy sympathy how precious!
Thou succourest in sorrow,
And bidst us cheer, while pilgrims here,
And haste the hopeful morrow.

3 Thy love we own, Lord Jesus;
Thy way is traced before Thee;
Thou wilt descend and we ascend,
To meet in heavenly glory;
Soon shall the blissful morning
Call forth Thy saints to meet Thee;
Our only Lord, alone adored,
With gladness then we'll greet Thee.

4 Thy love we own, Lord Jesus,
And wait to see Thy glory,
To know as known, and fully own
Thy perfect grace before Thee;
We plead Thy parting promise,
Come, Saviour, to release us;
Then endless praise our lips shall raise
For love like Thine, Lord Jesus.

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