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Hymn Set: Findochty 2016

Hymn: 7 - Thy Grace, O Lord, That Measured Once The Deep
Tune: Eventide

Hymn: 17 - May The Grace Of Christ Our Saviour
Tune: Vesper Hymn

Hymn: 59 - O God, Thou Hast Engaged Our Hearts
Tune: Where Jesus Is, 'Tis Heaven L.M.

Hymn: 167 - Thy Love We Own, Lord Jesus
Tune: Cyprus Iambic

Hymn: 168 - The Night Is Far Spent, And The Day Is At Hand
Tune: Hanover

Hymn: 197 - O God, What Cords Of Love Are Thine
Tune: Crimond C.M.

Hymn: 294 - O Come, Thou Stricken Lamb Of God
Tune: Pentecost L.M.

Hymn: 330 - What Raised The Wondrous Thought
Tune: Mudstone S.M.

Hymn: 363 - O Lord And Saviour, We Recline
Tune: Whitburn L.M.

Hymn: 439 - How Blest A Home, The Father's House
Tune: The Home C.M.D.

Hymn: 465 - O Holy Saviour, Friend Unseen
Tune: Flemming

Hymn: 467 - O Lord, In Thee Our Eyes Behold
Tune: Bishopthorpe C.M.

Hymn: 491 - We Praise Thee, Our Father And God
Tune: Celeste Dactylic

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