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O God, What Cords Of Love Are Thine

by Philip Doddridge (1702-1751)

Tune: Crimond C.M.

Tune: Crimond C.M.

1 O GOD, what cords of love are Thine,
How gentle, yet how strong!
Thy truth and grace their strength combine
To draw our souls along.

2 The guilt of twice ten thousand sins
One moment takes away;
And when the fight of faith begins,
Our strength is as our day.

3 Comfort, through all this vale of tears,
In blest profusion flows;
And glory of unnumbered years
Eternity bestows.

4 Drawn by such cords we'll onward move,
Till round the throne we meet,
And, captives in the chains of love,
Embrace our Saviour's feet.

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