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We Praise Thee, Our Father And God

by Unknown

Tune: Celeste Dactylic

Tune: Elland 8s. Dactylic

1 WE praise Thee, our Father and God,
For the Son that came down from the throne,
For Thy Spirit that Thou hast bestowed
To tell us what Jesus has done.

2 We praise Thee that once He appeared
To put sin for ever away
By Himself, as the Victim that bled
For us who had all gone astray.

3 We praise Thee His work is complete,
And He has been raised by Thy hand,
While in righteousness Thee we can meet,
And accepted before Thee we stand.

4 We praise Thee that now by His blood
He has entered for us into heaven
To appear in the presence of God,
Since the veil by Thy hand has been riven.

5 We praise Thee that Jesus is near,
That He in His glory will come;
For salvation He soon will appear,
His waiting ones all gathered home.

Douglas said ...
The second tune sung at Findochty 2016 is Elland Dactylic which is the tune for 103 We’ll sing of the Shepherd that died
Sunday, Aug 13, 2023 : 19:42
Gregory Morris said ...
Elland is and is really the only tune for that hymn. Trying to shoehorn it in to Celeste is disastrous and quite unnecessary. I had Celeste down as Anapaestic.
Monday, Aug 21, 2023 : 06:10
Tom said ...
Fixed, thx
Wednesday, Aug 23, 2023 : 06:14

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