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'Twas On That Night Of Deepest Woe

by G.W. Frazer

Tune: Arabia

1 'TWAS on that night of deepest woe,
When darkness round did thicken,
When through deep waters Thou didst go,
And for our sins wast stricken;
Thou, Lord, didst seek that we should be
With grateful hearts remembering Thee.

2 How deep the sorrow, who can tell,
Which was for us endured?
O love divine, that broke the spell
Which had our hearts allured!
With heart and conscience now set free,
It is our joy to think of Thee.

3 O Lord, how precious is Thy thought,
How wondrous Thy desire,
To win our hearts, once worse than nought,
Who now by grace aspire
To seek Thy glory, bear Thy shame,
To keep Thy word, and love Thy name.

4 We know Thee now exalted high,
Ourselves in Thee accepted;
We wait the hour which now draws nigh,
Thy coming long expected;
Till Thou dost come we still would be
With grateful hearts remembering Thee.

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