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O Jesus, Gracious Saviour

by J.G. Deck

Tune: Missionary

1 O JESUS, gracious Saviour,
Upon the Father's throne ---
Whose wondrous love and favour
Have made our cause Thine own;
Thy people to Thee ever
For grace and help repair,
For Thou, they know, wilt never
Refuse their griefs to share.

2 O Lord, through tribulation
Our pilgrim-journey lies,
Through scorn and sore temptation,
And watchful enemies;
Midst never-ceasing dangers
We through the desert roam;
As pilgrims here and strangers,
We seek the rest to come.

3 O Lord, Thou too once hasted
This weary desert through,
Once fully tried and tasted
Its bitterness and woe;
And hence Thy heart is tender
In truest sympathy,
Though now the heavens render
All praise to Thee on high.

4 O by Thy Holy Spirit
Reveal in us Thy love,
The joy we shall inherit
With Thee, our Head above;
May all this consolation
Our trembling hearts sustain,
Sure --- though through tribulation ---
The promised rest to gain.

Nick Fleet said ...
Here's what happens when the bulk of the brethren have grown up singing it one way, then the music edition throws in a different version. OK, so the music edition probably has the original form but in the UK all the music books (Melodies and Chants, Botley Tune Book, and Little Flock Tune Book) use a version 'adapted to Hymns for the Little Flock'. I prefer the UK version which I think fits the meter better. Spiritual Songs isn't consistent, though, in using the original version - #215 and #449 are examples and #233 is the most painful on the ear!
Thursday, Mar 3, 2022 : 02:29

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