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In Weakness And Trial With God We May Plead

by Richard de Courcy (1743-1803)

Tune: Hiding in Thee 11s

1 IN weakness and trial with God we may plead;
No fear of denial, we're sure to succeed:
For, though we oft grieve Him, His promise is clear,
And love will believe Him: our Father will hear.

2 'Gainst the giant-like might of our foes we can bring,
As our weapons of fight, but a stone and a sling;
Should this have dismayed us, our souls it may cheer
That, called on to aid us, our Father will hear.

3 Our calls may be weak as the voice of a child;
And much that we speak may by sin be defiled;
Yet, Christ for us pleading, we may persevere;
Through Him interceding, our Father will hear.

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