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Hope Of Our Hearts, O Lord, Appear

by Sir Edward Denny

Tune: Merton C.M.

1 HOPE of our hearts, O Lord, appear,
Thou glorious Star of day;
Shine forth and chase the dreary night
With all our tears away.

2 Strangers on earth, we wait for Thee;
Oh, leave the Father's throne!
Come with a shout of victory, Lord,
And claim us as Thine own.

3 No resting-place we seek on earth;
No loveliness we see;
Our eye is on the royal crown
Prepared for us with Thee.

4 But blessed Lord, however bright
That crown of joy above,
What is it to the brighter hope
Of dwelling in Thy love?

5 What to the joy, the deeper joy,
Unmingled, pure, and free,
Of union with our living Head,
Of fellowship with Thee?

6 This joy e'en now on earth is ours;
But only, Lord, above,
Our hearts, without a pang, shall know
The fulness of Thy love.

7 There near Thy heart upon the throne,
Thy ransomed Bride shall see,
What grace was in the suffering Lamb,
Who died to make us free.

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