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Abba, Father, Oh, What Wonders

by Miss Christiana Helene von Poseck

Tune: Hymn to Joy

1 ABBA, Father, oh, what wonders
Doth that precious name reveal!
While in Christ we gaze upon Thee,
Songs of joy our spirits fill.
Looking back, we can but bless Thee
Looking forward, but adore;
For Thy present favour give Thee
Children's praises evermore.

2 Enemies were we, and rebels,
Ruined, wretched, and undone;
Thou didst give, from wrath to save us,
For Thy foes Thine only Son.
Now, oh, joy beyond all telling,
Foes no more, but sons are we,
Children in a Father's presence,
Blest in Him, and loved as He.

3 Stretched before us lies a future
Filled with bliss no tongue can tell ---
Thine own house of many mansions,
Where we shall for ever dwell.
Yet, O Father, we, Thy children,
While we through the desert move,
Dwell already in Thy presence,
Taste by faith the joys above.

Donphelipi said ...
The little black book..I remember it well. New songs don't compare.
Sunday, Aug 27, 2017 : 00:54

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