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O Lord, In Thee Believing

by S.P. Tregelles

Tune: Baptisma

1 O LORD, in Thee believing,
Our souls have peace with God,
Eternal life receiving,
The purchase of Thy blood.

2 Our curse and condemnation
Thou barest in our stead;
Secure is our salvation,
In Thee our risen Head.

3 The Holy Ghost revealing
Thy grace hath given us rest,
Thy stripes have been our healing,
Thy love doth make us blest;

4 In Thee the Father sees us
Accepted and complete:
Grace which from evil frees us
For glory makes us meet.

Nick Fleet said ...
Needs practice! The start of the third line is not quite right in the first verse. A very nice tune but should be slightly slower. We sing it quite a lot but to hymn 149 for which the tune was written.
Sunday, Jun 20, 2021 : 16:49

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