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Holy Lord, We Think Of Thee

by W.W. Fereday

Tune: Worship

1 HOLY Lord, we think of Thee,
Of Thy woe and agony,
Of Thy suffering on the tree;
Saviour, we adore Thee.

2 Wondrous grace to ruined man
In that vast eternal plan;
Far too vast for thought to scan;
Saviour, we adore Thee.

3 Ponder we Thy lowly bed,
Son of God in manger laid,
Born to Calvary to be led;
Saviour, we adore Thee.

4 Saviour, we Thy path retrace,
Patient love and lowly grace,
Matchless, holy, all Thy ways;
Saviour, we adore Thee.

5 To Thy cross we turn our eyes,
Slain that guilty worms might rise;
Precious, perfect sacrifice!
Saviour, we adore Thee.

6 Gaze we at the empty tomb;
Gone our sins, dispelled our gloom,
We are free --- beyond sin's doom;
Saviour, we adore Thee.

7 Look we to the throne of God;
There in glory's blest abode,
We behold Thee, risen Lord;
Saviour, we adore Thee.

8 Soon for us Thou wilt return;
Lord, for Thee our spirits yearn;
Haste we to that blissful morn;
Saviour, we adore Thee.

Joseph A. Fereday said ...
Excellent Blessings of Gods Spirit in a True Follower of our Saviour Jesus Christ in Song, I’m proud to be a relative of W W Fereday, I was saved in 1978 and completely had a change in my life from then until now, I’m a Evangelist for The Lord living in Melbourne Australia, I was born in Salford near Manchester and emigrated to Australia in 1974 , I’ve returned to England 4 times to minister there, I’ve bought 8 books of W W and to me personally they are a Revelation of insight into The Holy Word of God, 😀🙏🙏🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇦🇺🇮🇱🙏🙏🙏
Wednesday, Feb 2, 2022 : 06:23
Nick Fleet said ...
Dear Joseph, very good to hear from you.
Wednesday, Feb 2, 2022 : 17:13

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