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William Wooldridge Fereday

Born: 1866
Died: 31st July 1959

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Source for date of death: National Probate Calendar

Tom said ...
Ten years ago now, I was speaking with an open brother in his nineties, who had shared a platform with Mr Fereday. WWF was well respected as a Bible teacher but also had a reputation as being quite difficult to get on with at times. I think he got through five wives! The best of the stories that I can remember is the one that it was said when Mr Fereday went to be with the Lord, they put on his gravestone, "Here lay the bones of W.W., never the more to trouble-you trouble-you!"
Sunday, Mar 10, 2013 : 18:10
Tom said ...

Obituary from the Believer's Magazine Sep 59.

Friday, May 10, 2019 : 01:31
Timothy Stunt said ...
Tom... I've only just now seen your earlier note re the joke about W W Fereday's supposed gravestone. For the record we ought to be aware that in 1819 John Hamilton Reynolds, a friend of William Wordsworth composed a parody of Wordsworth's poem "Peter Bell" which concluded with a couplet referring to the poet's imagined tombstone :
'He mutters ever–"W.W.
Never more will trouble you, trouble you."'
So when WWF died the joke was over a hundred years old!
Timothy Stunt
Friday, May 10, 2019 : 23:05

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