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All Fulness Resides In Jesus Our Head

by John Fawcett (1739-1817)

Tune: Comfort

1 ALL fulness resides in Jesus our Head,
And ever abides to answer all need:
The Father's good pleasure has laid up a store,
A plentiful treasure, to give to the poor.

2 Whatever distress awaits us below,
Such plentiful grace the Lord will bestow
As still shall support us and silence our fear,
And nothing can hurt us while Jesus is near.

3 When sorrows assail us, or terrors draw nigh,
His love will not fail us, He'll guide with His eye;
And when we are fainting, and ready to fail,
He'll give what is wanting, and make us prevail.

4 We trust His protection; we'll lean on His might;
We're sure His direction will guide us aright;
We know who surrounds us, almighty to save,
And no one confounds us the Saviour who have.


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