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O God, We See Thee In The Lamb

by Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

Tune: Arizona L.M.

Tune: Arizona L.M.

1 O GOD, we see Thee in the Lamb
To be our hope, our joy, our rest;
The glories that compose Thy name
Standing engaged to make us blest.

2 Thou great and good! Thou just and wise!
Hail, as our Father and our God,
For we are Thine by sacred ties,
Thy sons and daughters --- bought with blood.

3 Then, oh, to us this grace afford,
That far from Thee we ne'er may move;
Our guard --- the presence of the Lord;
Our joy --- Thy perfect present love.

4 This gives us ever to rejoice,
Turning to light our darkest days;
And lifts on high each feeble voice,
While we have breath to pray or praise.

Bob L. said ...
Thanks for your efforts to make this available. Isaac Watts' words are so full of good doctrine and encouragement. It is a blessing to be able to sing along and praise the God Who made it all possible! We are so blessed by the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! I would love to see others learn these, especially little children.
""Of Watts," said Dr. Dibdin, "it is impossible to speak without veneration and respect. His Hymns are the charm of our early youth; his Logic, the well-known theme of school-boy study; and his Sermons, Essays, and other theological compositions, are a source of never-failing gratification in the advance, maturity, and decline of life. The man at four-score may remember, with gratitude, the advantage of having committed the hymns of this pious man to his infantile memory."
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Monday, Oct 25, 2021 : 06:27

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