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Grace Taught Our Wandering Feet

by Philip Doddridge (1702-1751)

Tune: Fairhead S.M.

1 GRACE taught our wandering feet
To tread the heavenly road;
And new supplies each hour we meet
While travelling home to God.

2 'Twas grace that wrote each name
In life's eternal book;
'Twas grace that gave the spotless Lamb
Who all our sorrows took.

3 Grace saved us from the foe,
Grace taught us how to pray;
And God will ne'er His grace forgo,
Till we have won the day.

4 May grace, free grace, inspire
Our souls with strength divine;
May every thought to God aspire,
And grace in service shine.

5 Grace all the work shall crown
Through everlasting days;
It lays in heaven the topmost stone,
And well deserves the praise.

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