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Lord, We Treasure With Affection

by Malcolm Watson Biggs

Tune: Cross of Jesus

1 LORD, we treasure with affection,
All Thy path of sorrow here,
And those closing scenes of anguish
To our hearts Thyself endear.

2 Deep Thy sorrow then, Lord Jesus,
Deeper far than thought can reach,
Grief intense and sufferings holy,
Far beyond all tongues to teach.

3 None could follow there, blest Saviour,
When Thou didst for sins atone;
For those sufferings, deep, unfathomed,
Were, Lord Jesus, Thine alone.

4 Thou didst measure then sin's distance;
Darkness, wrath and curse were Thine;
Man-betrayed, by God forsaken;
Thus we learn Thy love divine.

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