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Here Around Thy Table Gathered

by Miss Christiana Helene von Poseck

Tune: Faith's Expectancy

1 HERE around Thy table gathered,
Showing forth Thy dying love,
Looking back upon Thy sorrow,
Joying in Thy joy above,
Now as one we raise our voices,
And we plead Thy parting word:
Come, Thou risen Christ, to claim us;
We are waiting for Thee, Lord.

2 'Tis Thy face we yearn to gaze on;
'Tis Thy voice we long to hear;
'Tis with Thee we would be dwelling;
'Tis Thy likeness we would bear.
Lord, the Spirit cries within us,
Come and take Thy heavenly bride;
Thou and we shall then, Lord Jesus,
Be for ever satisfied.

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