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To Him Who Gave Himself

by Mrs. W. N. Tomkins

Tune: Boylston S.M.

1 TO Him who gave Himself
To God an offering sweet,
And purged away our guilt of sin,
Ascribe we praises meet.

2 To Him who gave Himself
For us, that we might be
Redeemed, and purchased for His own,
Sing we eternally.

3 To Him who gave Himself
For her, the church He loved,
And in the dark domain of death
His deep affection proved,

4 To Him who gave Himself,
Sound we our note of praise;
Our lives, our hearts, our all would we
Upon His altar raise.

5 To Him bow every knee;
To Him raise glad the song;
All honour, glory, thanks and praise
To Him by right belong.


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