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We Praise Thee For Thy Spirit, Lord

by H.P. Barker

Tune: Stracathro C.M.

Tune: Stracathro C.M.
* Versess 6,7

Tune: Belmont C.M.

1 WE praise Thee for Thy Spirit, Lord,
The blessed Holy Ghost,
The promised Comforter from heaven,
Who came at Pentecost.

2 We praise Thee for His sovereign grace,
That broke our darkness through;
And wrought within us by Thy word
A birth divinely new.

3 We praise Thee that He is the Seal,
Whereby we're marked as Thine,
Until redemption's day shall dawn,
And we in glory shine.

4 We praise Thee for the Earnest given,
Of blessings yet in store,
The great inheritance which we
Shall share for evermore.

5 We praise Thee that the Unction sent
Abides in us for aye,
To be our Teacher, Guide and Strength,
Along life's upward way.

6 We praise Thee for those ties divine
That bind Thy saints to Thee,
As members of Thy body one ---
The Spirit's unity.

7 We praise Thee for the work which He
Hath in our souls begun,
To form in us a transcript here
Of God's beloved Son.

Tom said ...
vv. 2, 5, 6. Arthur Cutting (1854-1928)
Friday, May 5, 2017 : 13:56
Douglas said ...
The third tune I believe is ‘Belmont’ see No. 184
Sunday, Mar 3, 2024 : 22:21
Tom said ...
Fixed, thx
Monday, Mar 4, 2024 : 04:41

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