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"No Separation"! --- O My Soul

by Albert Midlane

Tune: Sawley C.M.

1 "NO separation"! --- O my soul,
'Tis God who speaks the word;
So close the Spirit thee unites
With Christ, thy risen Lord.

2 "No separation"! --- thou art His,
And His for evermore;
Upon the cross thy debt He paid,
And all thy judgment bore.

3 "No separation"! --- precious word!
In it, my soul, be glad;
Loved with an everlasting love,
And one with Jesus made.

4 "No separation"! --- Life nor death,
Things present nor to come,
Can part thee from His precious care,
Or rob thee of thy home.

5 "No separation"! --- Linked with Him,
His glory --- all is thine;
Oh, wondrous love, that thus could plan

A union so divine!


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