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Our God And Father, Thou Hast Made

by Unknown

Tune: St. Petersburg

1 OUR God and Father, Thou hast made
In grace our fellowship with Thee,
And with Thy Son, our holy Lord,
Who bled for us upon the tree:
This privilege is all divine,
This way of love is wholly Thine.

2 By Thine own Spirit Thou hast given
Thy children in Thy Son to find
Their lasting joy, their heart's delight,
Their satisfaction for the mind:
We love to speak His praises forth
And tell to Thee His matchless worth.

3 The Blessed One is Thine own Son,
His life on earth an offering sweet,
His death rich sacrifice to Thee,
His present service --- how complete!
God and the Lamb we now adore;
To both be glory evermore.

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