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Thine Is The Love, Lord, That Draws Us Together

by Miss A. M. Harding

Tune: Epiphany Hymn Dactylic

1 THINE is the love, Lord, that draws us together,
Guiding our steps from the wilderness ways;
Soon face to face we'll adore Thee for ever,
Now our glad hearts would be filled with Thy praise.

2 Faithful Thy grace o'er our pathway has waited,
Deep the delight we have found, Lord, in Thee;
Now with this treasure our spirits are freighted,
Bowed at Thy feet, and the fragrance set free.

3 For us, Lord Jesus, Thyself Thou hast given;
Sufferings unfathomed for us Thou hast known;
Now, in accord with the homage of heaven,
Rises a song from the hearts of Thine own.

4 Jesus, Lord Jesus, we love and adore Thee,
Glorious Thy Name, all our praises above;
Peerless Thy beauty, we worship before Thee;
Hushed are our spirits, at rest in Thy love.

Gregory Morris said ...
A good hymn for today when we remember the fragrance shed forth at Bethany on the day before Maundy Thursday.
Thursday, Apr 14, 2022 : 01:19

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