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"Abba, Father", Words of Mercy

by Miss Christiana Helene von Poseck

Tune: Holy Care

Tune: Holy Care

1 "ABBA, Father", words of mercy,
Words of comfort, words of love,
Covering all our needs and longings
Till we reach our home above!

2 Jesus prayed for us, O Father,
Ere He left this world of woe,
Asking Thee to guard and keep us
Safely all our path below.

3 Holy Father --- such His pleading --- 
Keep, O keep them in Thy name;
As Thou lovedst Me, O Father,
Thou hast loved them the same.

4 Thus by God the Son committed
To the Father's tender care,
Thus by God the Father loved,
Can we doubt, or can we fear?

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